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Aravind Raj

One of the best mentor .. he will make you to understand the most complex concepts which is very useful in trading..Happy to be a part of Pg's Master Class

Jeetu Pokala

PG is an exceptional Master has brilliant knowledge across plethora of trading strategies - Rather than standard momentum/news/ trends/indicators, His course focus is on retracement, Trap Zones, price action, Zone validations and other concepts like Elliot theory, Gann and Harmonics. And the best part is he puts all in a platter and creates a check list which becomes easy for trading.

Jay Trader

So, it has been around almost a year now experiencing trading journey with Sir Prosenjit Ghosh and his PG's Masterclass and Mentorship Program. And the only reason to share my feedback now after such a long period for the first time is because of my personality. I believe in logic more than bias inclinations, deliveries more than promises, output more than action. I'm a kind of person who doesn't get flatter with fancy things and neither do I get surprised with magical wands.
And this thought process and attitude perfectly fitted into my experiences with Sir PG and embedded within my personality gradually, during the period of last one year through changes in my habits, way of thinking, and behavioral reactions. When it was all about trading earlier, I could relate myself with someone who is immature, hyper impulsive, over excited, and as a new born who has just opened the eyes to see the world, trying to search for holy grail with huge amount of expectations. It wasn't too late after Sir PG's hand holding that I realized these things are absolutely fine in a perfect normal world but definitely not healthy for professional trading and the psychology associated with it.
Sir PG's mentoring has made me understand that over here, trading is a beautiful jungle and there are every kind of participants, big giants, smart money, institutions, deep pockets, and many many more. It's a fight amongst them and they play their fights with a lot of traps
either in order to capture or to defeat. And we as smart traders are not suppose to test our strength against them. Rather understand their traps logically and trade with an edge to be along with the winners.
Now, this edge is not just a strategy or a particular methodology to which one would action and become a winner consistently. This edge is Sir PG's mentorship support system of hand holding in the entire journey of trading career of an individual; not just during the training period but most importantly, thereafter forever, which involves not only strategies refining but also psychological development to control and kill emotions while trading and think rationale.
It's important what to do but it's equally important what not to do. It's important when to act but it's equally important when to remain silent. And that's exactly what I've gained here at Sir PG's Masterclass and Mentorship program. I win today and I loose too, but I win more and loose less, and trust me, there is a difference. It's my privilege to be under your guidance and mentorship Sir and with lots of feelings of gratitude, I want to thank you for what you have been doing and continue doing to nurture me every single day for betterment and get the best out of me in my trading career. This is just a start of my journey and I believe the future is bright. Thank you so much.

Kishan Nandaniya

I'm currently in the PG's masteclassprogram,and things were not easy for me to dealt with market movements earlier,i have experienced so rollercoaster rides in it,but never understand it....
Guys If trading is an ocean full of opportunities & risk ,then this program is the sail boat on which you can ride and explore the market,PG has poured his entire knowledge and R&Ds in designing this wonderful course,it is not exaggertion to say that I feel lucky to be the part of this course.
But one more thing i want to add for the people who is aspire to join the course,if you ask for rating of review then i have no star to judge the course,but it also requires lots of practise & dedication from your end too..
For me honestly this course i'm taking it as a life changing & the most beautiful decision that i have taken,
Thank you PG sir for your guidance,Support and efforts for giving new vision towards market.....

Naina Mohamed

PG's knowledge in share market/commodity trading is commendable. PGs Trap Trading classes are very clear and help someone to become independent trader. PG has thorough knowledge on the subject he is teaching and explains every topic clearly. I strongly suggest to take his course for anyone who wish to become successful trader...

Chandan Raj

Teach him how to fish and you feed him for his life time" This aptly suits PGs courses. His courses definitely teach his students to navigate successfully through the intricacies of the financial market with Grace. His course material is very simple and highly effective. The highlight of his course is the mentorship he offers. Before coming across PG, I had read more than 100 books about market and psychology, I still do but I was not on a complete success path. But PG like a true Guru did what mostGuru's in the financial market not do. His mentorship showed the correct path for my success through his trap trading. His option course made me more comfortable with Options world and his Elliott course changed the game for me like magic. And today I am a successful participant in the financial market because many of my teachers and PG is at the top of that list. I truly recommended his course to anyone who is serious and ready to put some effort. I am saying this after 3 years of interaction with PG. Apart from what I shared above what I really appreciate is PGs ethical character in his dealings. His commitments are always fulfilled. Thank you, PG.

Sonia Advani

PG is a genuine mentor with a immense market knowledge and a fine sense of prediction, making him an ideal master. He carefully designs each course to make learning a fun and more importantly, comfortable process. The fact that he is so reachable is what differentiates him from the rest. Thank you PG for being by my side and for seeing me grow, from struggle to success!

Md Ashfaque

I am giving very late comment after attaining PG course...because when i learned theory part..it is was great and unbelievable ...then practical example was also great....he shows hows market move and how to catch that moves..and moreover he showings live trade also....but i want to see execution in live market and doing myself...so after 1-1/2 month now i feeling out of world and easily can see how poor retailers are traped and how to trade with bigges.....last but not least PG thank you very veryvery much for your knowledge and support......one more thing....USP for this course is live session taken by PG after finishing course it will help u to reach top with lift...u dont have to use stair to reach the top......

Rajesh Pipada

Still remember the day i called you and told you that fundamentals work better than technicals. And that i would rather be a investor than a trader. You without hesitating gave your perspective and insights on how the market works, why technicals analysis is better and why investor also need to know technicals. While i was not totally convinced about the course as i never believed in technicals, i went ahead with the course.
But i would now say that it was one of the best decision to take the course. Hats off to you for putting it together in the simplest of the form that anybody can understand.
I have not come across a mentor who has repeatedly requested all his students at end of each session to do homework and practise to understand the concepts.Thank you very much for hand holding me.
I am very happy with the experience i gained after completion of the course. Appreciate your hard work and patience in motivating us to do better in our life. I would recommend all who are visiting this channel to join the course and experience a new journey in analysis the charts.

Hemant Dangar

I am really very very happy at the end of my theory sessions of PGs master Class. All the sessions are amazingly designed by PG. After completing PGs master class Program, one can take trade mechanically by follow rules of the program. This is very helpful to the trader who doesn’t know much (deeply) about market and traps of institutions. I proudly says “The PGs master class is India’s best program” in technical analysis & PG is the best teacher. Now I can understand every movement of price in chart without any indicators.
PGsir, Thanks for joining me in PG’s master class, I believe this Program will become life changer for me.

Abhishek Oberoi

PG is a good mentor his knowledge in Price Action studies are superb he recommended to go long in Natural Gas while it was trading around 207 lvl for tgt 320 which was achieved last week keep up the good work!!

Vijayendhar Reddy Kandimalla

Sir I am very happy with this trap trading course. These things works amazingly. You are charging very less amount And there are only few people who know about this kind of patterns and price behaviour And your research on demand. Supply is priceless. I am loving the charts now.